FHS135-24-10115 custom pitch wind power slip ring for wind power generation equipment

      Pitch wind power slip ring is specially developed and designed for 1.25-5.5MW wind turbines and has ultra-high reliability. The key main materials are imported materials, and there are advanced production equipment and detection systems for various performances of wind power slip rings. The wind power slip rings have good resistance to low temperature, high humidity, wind and sand, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti-vibration, and excellent performance. Stable and maintenance-free.


  • Imported contact materials, military-grade electroplating, long wear-resisting life and low contact resistance
  • Each loop is designed with multi-contact technology to ensure reliable and stable operation;
  • Optional temperature control system, fully adaptable to various harsh operating environments;
  • Can transmit RS485, CAN-BUS, PROFIBUS, Ethernet and other bus data
  • Designed in accordance with military-grade vibration standards and fully adapted to the vibration environment of the fan
  • Anti-dust design fully meets the dust-proof requirements for desert use
  • Standard aluminum cabinet and enclosure
  • Standard flange configuration, can match well with fans from various manufacturers


Typical application

Wind power generation equipment, heavy machinery, robots, robotic arms, medical equipment, smart home appliances, lighting display equipment