DHS130F-4-300A 130mm solid shaft high current waterproof slip ring 4 channels 300A for engineering machinery

High current waterproof slip rings are designed to pass high power and current. The maximum current can reach 7500A. They use contacts with extremely low contact resistance and generate little heat. The ultra-high current shell is designed with aluminum alloy, which dissipates heat quickly and has There are a large number of heat dissipation holes, and each unit has a temperature rise test and a high current impact test before leaving the factory!

  • Can pass 30A, 60A, 100A or even customized products up to 7500A
  • Supports 500W, 1000W, 2000W and higher power devices.
  • Gold-plated treatment using military industry technology. Extremely low contact resistance and low heat generation.
  • Each unit will undergo a temperature rise test and a high current impact test before leaving the factory.
  • Shaft mounting or flange mounting optional.
  • Outlet or binding posts optional


Typical applications:

Small wind turbines, electroplating industry equipment, heating rollers and other application equipment that require high power and high current are also widely used in other industrial control fields, such as shock absorbers, high current slip rings, sewage treatment equipment slip rings, high Strength oil logging instrument conductive slip ring, robot welding equipment slip ring, high current conductive slip ring, dust explosion-proof slip ring for clearance machine, high temperature electric slip ring, heating shaft slip ring yo dryer, stir-fry machine, heating mixing machinery Slip rings etc.