DHS099-51-4F Customized 4-channel high precision military quality optoelectronic slip ring

DHS099-51-4F 4-channel optoelectronic slip ring | 4-channel optical and electrical hybrid slip ring, which can transmit 4 optical fibers and 1 to 72 electrical channels at the same time. It is an integral precision conductive slip ring with an all-aluminum alloy structure. The electrical path supports signal (2A), 10A, 50A, voltage 600VAC/VDC.

Optoelectronic slip ring features:

  • Large data transmission capacity and high transmission rate
  • Suitable for long distance transmission
  • No packet loss, no electromagnetic interference
  • Compact design and light weight
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Extra long service life
  • Supports 1~8 optical fiber channels + 1~200 channels of power or signal mixing.


Optoelectronic slip ring typical applications:

  1. Industrial machines: drilling platforms, winding machines, end-face processing machines, hot rolling machines
  2. Rotary workbench: winding machine, filling machine, bottle blowing machine, amusement equipment
  3. Cable reel: port machinery, hoisting and lifting equipment, road and bridge machinery, tower
  4. Test equipment: centrifugal test bench, separator, testing instrument
  5. Robots: packaging equipment, stackers, process control equipment, molding machines
  6. Exhibition/display equipment: car booths, revolving doors, product booths, revolving restaurants
  7. Medical equipment: shadowless surgical lights, helicopters, radar communication equipment