DHS090-50-1F Ingiant Military aviation plug optoelectronic slip ring OD 90mm Single channel optoelectronic slip ring

Military aviation plug optoelectronic slip ring

DHS090-60-1F is a optoelectronic slip ring with aviation plugs on both the rotor and stator, outer diameter 90mm, supports single mode and multi-mode.which is convenient for loading, unloading, replacement and installation, eliminating the trouble of welding wires and improving stability and reliability. It uses optical fiber as a data transmission carrier, which is suitable for harsh environments and solves the rotation transmission problem for optical series and optoelectronic systems.


Both the rotor and stator are equipped with aviation plugs.

Single channel optoelectronic slip ring

Easy to maintain and replace.

IP51-IP68 optional.

Adopting advanced precious metal cluster brush multi-point contact, reliable contact is ensured under extremely low friction.

Typical applications:

Military armored vehicle turntables, military robots, shipborne radar turntables, ship electric thrusters, missile launches, airborne radar turntables, radar guidance, airborne early warning systems, defense systems, etc.