DHS120-169 Ingiant outer diameter 120mm rotor flange conductive slip rings 169 channels

DHS series flange install slip rings  Solid rotor flange outer diameter: 120mm

DHS120-169 series rotor flange conductive slip rings have an outer diameter of 120mm with connecting flanges. They are a general term for a series of slip rings. Solid slip rings have no through hole in the center and are suitable for end-face installation.The beam brush type multi-point contact is used to ensure reliable contact under extremely low friction. It can be customized according to customer needs. The current is optional from 2amperes to 2000 amperes, which can fully meet your different transmission schemes.


  • Transmit analog and data signals
  • Compatible with data bus protocol
  • Long life, maintenance-free
  • Easy to install
  • 360°continuous rotation to transmit power and data’signals

Typically applications:

  • Military equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Wind power equipment
  • Manufacturing and control equipment
  • Robot, radar antenna
  • Magnetic actuator, rotary sensor
  • Construction machinery, testing equipment, packing machinery