DHS120-128 Ingiant rotor flange conductive slip ring diameter 120mm 128 channels

DHS120-128 rotor flange conductive slip ring

DHS120-128 series rotor flange conductive slip ring has an outer diameter of 120mm with a connecting flange. This series of slip rings is generally called solid slip rings, with no through hole in the center, suitable for end face installation.

Compared with similar products, it can achieve more paths and larger currents. The contact material is made of precious metal + super-hard gold plating, with small torque, stable operation, long life, small resistance fluctuation, small contact resistance, and excellent transmission performance. It is usually used to customize various sensitive signals or encoder signals.

  Typical applications include automation equipment, work turntables, camera pans, robots and other equipment.


  • Transmit analog and data signals
  • Compatible with data bus protocol
  • Long life, maintenance-free
  • Easy to install
  • 360°continuous rotation to transmit power and data’signals