DHK050-45 Inner diameters 50mm through hole servo motor slip ring servo encoder slip ring

DHK050-45 series servo encoder slip ring

Servo encoder slip ring, a servo encoder slip ring specially designed for Siemens servo motors, Schneider servo motors, Lenz servo servo motors, etc., has stable performance and is very

  • Reliable, with many years of field use experience, no alarms, shutdowns, etc.
  • Can be mixed with other switch signals and power lines, buses such as Profibus, Profinet…can be mixed with other gas-liquid rotary joints.
  • Internal wiring and special shielding module design can completely prevent the encoder from reporting error codes. Gold-gold contact is extremely reliable.
  • Many years of experience in using various servo systems and large-scale control systems at home and abroad


  • Special internal shielding and wiring design
  • permanently lubricated bearings
  • gold to gold contacts
  • Easy installation

Servo encoder slip ring is an electrical slip ring used for servo encoder signals and servo motor power. Servo encoder slip rings can save a lot of cabling and installation work to transmit data and power. Suitable for various servo/stepper motors. Power supplies usually use gold contacts to avoid external interference as well as internal interference.