DHK102-30 Special customized motor slip rings through hole slip ring 30 channels

Motor slip rings are used in mechanical devices that require continuous rotation. Motor slip rings are usually used in situations of high precision, high speed, and high current transmission. It defines a mechanical part between the rotor and the stator, which can realize the transmission of electrical signals, electrical energy, hydraulic pressure or gas between the rotor and the stator through sliding contact.

Applications of motor slip rings

  1. Motor control

Motor slip rings are widely used in situations where power rotation is required, such as generators, motors, large machines, etc. They can reduce torque fluctuations, improve speed stability and accuracy, and control the speed and direction of the motor.

  1. Sensor

Motor slip rings are also widely used in the field of sensors. The performance and operating status of the motor can be monitored by installing sensors on the upper and lower surfaces of the slip ring.

  1. Alloy material processing

There are also some applications that require high-speed rotation that require the use of motor slip rings, such as alloy material processing, which can transmit electric current to the rotating blade to control the processing quality.