Ingiant Accept customization solid shaft industrial bus slip ring OD 65mm 37channels

Industrial bus slip ring DHS065-37 series

Industrial bus slip ring DHS065-37 series, outer diameter 65mm, solid shaft structure, suitable for rotation applications requiring outer diameter ≤ 65mm. Supports 37 rings to meet different signal transmissions (Analog, RS232/RS485, Inter bus, Device Net, CC-Link, SERCOS interface, Control Net, Field buses, Can open, Profibus, Mod bus, Fipio, USB 2.0 High speed, Fast Ethernet, Certified to 1000-BaseT, HD-SDI 1080P).


  • Multi-contact brushes, long service life
  • Integrated structure design, easy installation
  • Support customized requirements
  • Support high-speed transmission protocol
  • No packet loss, no crosstalk, patented structure design
  • Can transmit current, sensor, control circuit, Ethernet and other signals

Industrial bus mainly solves the digital communication between intelligent instruments, controllers, actuators and other equipment in the industrial field, as well as the information transmission between these field control equipment and the control system. The design of the bus will directly affect the performance, reliability, scalability and upgradeability of the entire microcomputer system. According to the working principle of the conductive slip ring, in theory, all the problems of industrial data bus rotation transmission can be solved by the conductive slip ring.