DHK113-14-002 Pancake slip ring inner diameter 113mm 14 channels power used for Rotary tables


DHK113-14-002 Pancake slip ring has an inner diameter of 113 mm and uses state-of-the-art fiber brush technology and precious metal or gold contact design to ensure low electrical noise, high data transfer rate and low contact pressure.

Pancake slip ring is similar to through hole slip ring but is especially used for the rotating system with a height limit. Also called flat slip ring, flat disc electrical slip ring, or platter slip ring, since the shape is similar to a platter, rings, and brushes contact around the center of the circle. Pancake slip ring components include stator, rotor, and contacts, mainly used for transmitting precise signals and power or combined with pneumatic and hydraulic media. More electrical power, current, and signal circuits can extend broadwise limitless on flat diameter.

Pancake slip rings can be configured in two types, integrated and separated.Integrated rings type can be designed for solid or through hole rotating systems.The separated ring type is composed of a separated rotor and contact brush, which can be designed with PCB.


  • High rotating speed
  • Min. 6mm thinckness
  • Can use superior fiber brushes, precious metal
  • Can combine power and signals
  • Fully customized solution

Pancake slip rings are predominantly engaged across many sectors due to their ability to fulfill diverse power and signal transmission requirements. They can be found in automotive, aerospace, marine, healthcare, communication, manufacturing, and many more industries.