DHK038-4P12S Inner diameter 38MM standard through hole slip ring 4 channels power and 12 channels signals

DHK038 is a standard through hole slip ring. There is a φ38mm through hole at the center of the shaft. The outer diameter of the main body is 99mm. The length is determined according to the number of channels and the current size.


Product features of through hole slip rings:

  • Transmit data signals through 360° unlimited rotation without damaging the wire;
  • Combination of power supply and control signal transmission;
  • Gold-to-gold contacts ensure long life, sealed design, high protection, and maintenance-free;
  • Smooth operation and low torque;
  • Extremely low electrical noise, low contact resistance, no friction;
  • High bandwidth transmission capability, compatible with multiple data bus protocols, and conversion of analog and digital signals.