DHK080-38 standard precision conductive through hole slip ring hole diameter 80mm 38channels

DHK080 series through hole slip ring has a through hole diameter of 80mm (applicable to any rotating device with a hole diameter ≤80mm), an outer diameter of 155mm, and the housing material can be plastic, aluminum alloy or stainless steel. It is a precision conductive slip ring with an integral structure. DHK080 series slip rings can stably transmit 10A current (magnification * 10A) or 2A signal.


  • It adopts advanced precious metal cluster brush type multi-point contact to ensure reliable contact under extremely low friction;
  • It can stably transmit 1~108 currents/signals;
  • A variety of standard specifications can be customized upon request;
  • It supports mixed transmission of signals and power, and can Mixed transmission of video, data and other signals;
  • Integrated structural design, easy installation.

Application fields:
Amusement park equipment, medical equipment, textile industry equipment, mining engineering machinery, silicone product production equipment, plastic product production equipment, carousel amusement equipment, automated production equipment, pearl cotton (EPE) polyethylene foam plastic machinery and equipment, Industrial robots, educational simulation equipment, engineering testing instruments, metal surface finishing equipment, metal mirror processing equipment, automatic polishing equipment, robotic arms.