DHK030-8-003 Customized hole diameter 30mm through hole slip ring 5 channels 150A and 3 channels 5A

Through hole slip ring – Customized DHK030 Series

Support customization, standardized product inner diameter 3-500mm, current 2-1000A

DHK030-8-003 series through hole slip ring, middle hole 30mm, suitable for rotating electromechanical systems with diameter less than 30mm, power ring 150A/ring, 3 rings, signal ring 5A/ring, 5 rings, also called hollow shaft slip ring. The shell is made of special engineering plastics, and can be made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. As precision conductive slip rings, they are widely used in intelligent visual robots, packaging machines, filling machines, blanking machines, sampling machines, small amusement machines and other automation equipment. In order to stably transmit power or signals to electromechanical systems that require 360-degree rotation, it can also be designed in combination with air rotary joints, liquid rotary joints, fiber optic slip rings, etc. to form a multifunctional hybrid slip ring.


  • Multi-contact brush contact design, long service life
  • Integrated structural design, easy to install
  • IP 51 protection level, IP68 can be customized
  • Can integrate multiple signals and be compatible with multiple data protocols
  • Maintenance-free use