DHK038F-3-170A Sealed IP68 high current waterproof slip ring 3 channels 150A

DHK038F-3-170A series slip rings are specially designed for IP65~68 waterproof slip rings. The use of precious metals reduces noise and interference between circuits, and low friction torque ensures long life. DHK038F-3-170A series has a through hole of 38.1mm and an outer diameter of 99mm. It is suitable for rotation applications that require a through hole ≤38.1mm. 3 power rings (170A/ring).


  • Waterproof slip ring, protection grade IP68, mainly used in ships, oil wells, etc.
  • Multi-point brush contact material ensures long life
  • Anti-corrosion stainless steel shell for better protection
  • Standard and customized models available
  • High current slip ring, power supply (170A/channel)
  • Free maintenance

Waterproof slip ring is a specialized piece of equipment specifically designed to work in wet, corrosive and underwater conditions. The protection levels are IP65, IP67 and IP68, and the liquid components in the working environment should be taken into account, such as fresh water, sea water, oil. Waterproof slip rings are widely used in ships, port equipment and some working conditions in water or humid environments. The purpose of these rings is to facilitate the transmission of electrical signals, power, and various other forms of media between rotating and stationary components.

Waterproof slip rings are encased in a protective housing that protects electric slip rings from water, dust, dirt, debris and damage. Additionally, these types of slip rings are designed for long service life and high performance.