DHK078-16 Non-standard custom inner diameter 78mm through hole slip ring 16 channels

Through hole slip ring – DHK078-16 series

Customizable, standard inner diameter 3-500mm, current 2-1000A

DHK078-16 is a non-standard through hole slip ring with an inner diameter of 78mm, 16-channel signal and power mixed transmission. It fully meets the requirements of continuous transmission of power, signal, weak current, high current and high voltage under 360-degree unlimited rotation. Low torque, low electrical noise, low loss and easy maintenance are the main features.


  • Multi-point brush contact material ensures long life
  • Integrated structure design, easy installation
  • Standard models support 1-48 power rings (0-20A/ring) or 1-96 signal rings (0~5A/ring)
  • IP 54 (customizable IP65-IP68)
  • Two data bus protocols compatible
  • Free maintenance

Application areas

  1. Industrial machines: machining centers, winding machines, end-face processing machines
  2. Rotary workbench: battery machinery, filling machine, bottle blowing machine, rotary printing machine
  3. Cable drum: port machinery, heavy-duty boom, construction machinery, tower
  4. Test equipment: centrifugal test bench, separator
  5. Robots: packaging equipment, stackers, process control equipment, emergency lighting equipment
  6. Exhibition/display equipment: car booths, revolving doors, product booths, revolving restaurants
  7. Medical equipment: shadowless surgical light