DHK070-20-1A Ingiant inner diameter 70mm through hole slip ring 20 channels 1A

DHK070-20-1A Series Through Hole Slip Ring

DHK070-20-1A Series standard through hole slip ring with outer diameter of 145mm and through-hole diameter of 70mm (applicable to <=70mm), 20-channel power, 1A per channel. Supports mixed transmission of signals and power, and can customize the number of circuits and current and voltage based on standard models.


  • Multi-point brush contact material ensures long life
  • Integrated structure design, easy installation
  • 20 channels 1A each
  • IP 54 (customizable IP65-IP68)
  • Compatible with two data bus protocols
  • Maintenance-free

Typical applications:

Radar, security equipment, entertainment equipment, various robots, manipulators, various airships, various wind power equipment, bottle blowing machines, light inspection machines, various turntables, amusement equipment, vehicle-mounted satellite antennas, ship-mounted satellite wires, cable reels, window cleaning equipment, revolving tables, revolving stages, revolving screens, revolving restaurants, electric engineering machinery, etc.