DHS130F-8-200A Waterproof high current slip ring 8 channels 200A each used for Large crane

Waterproof high current slip ring – DHS130F series

Maximum customized current 2000A

DHS130F-8-200A waterproof high-power conductive slip ring is specially designed to transmit 200A high current. The installation method, wire specifications and outlet form can be customized as needed.


  • Small contact resistance, low frictional heat, long life
  • Bundle type fiber brushing process, gold to gold contact
  • Maximum design current 2000A, large current specifications are optional
  • Integrated structural design, easy to install
  • Customize any appearance size and installation method
  • Protection grade IP65-IP68


Typical applications

  • Large crane
  • Maritime equipment
  • Port terminal machinery
  • Offshore drilling platform
  • High power heating equipment