DHS140F-31-4F Non standard customization waterproof optoelectronic rotary joint with 4 channel optical fiber

DHS140F-31-4F series waterproof optoelectronic rotary joint, with 4 channel optical fiber, 31 channel circuit, outer diameter of 140mm, IP65-IP68, supports single mode and multimode, uses optical fiber as data transmission carrier, suitable for harsh environments, and solves the problem of rotary transmission for optical series and optoelectronic systems.

Product features

  • Large data transmission capacity and high transmission speed
  • Suitable for long-distance transmission
  • No packet loss, no electromagnetic interference
  • Compact design with light weight
  • Applicable to harsh environments
  • Ultra long service life
  • Protection level: IP65-68


Typical applications

  • robot
  • Material conveying system
  • Rotating turrets on vehicles
  • Remote control system
  • radar antenna
  • Medical system
  • Video surveillance system
  • Ensuring national or international security systems
  • Submarine operation system