LQ120 Non-standard custom high-end precision slip ring for aviation plug

Non-standard custom high-end precision slip ring :the rotor and stator are equipped with aviation plug, which ensures the unique connection between the interface and the equipment,and is easy to replace and install.the stability and reliability of the equipment is improved.

It is used to customize a type of high-performance national defense equipment for equipment units. Tanks, armored vehicles, radars, robots, helicopters, radar turntables, ship propulsion systems and other equipment all need to use slip rings

  • The design precision is extremely high and fully meets the vibration requirements in the equipment.
  • Suitable for working in high and low temperature environments.
  • Strong anti-interference ability, suitable for high-quality transmission of weak signals such as sensing signals in harsh environments
  • Strong overload capacity, low wear, long life, less maintenance, and less wear and dust