DHS180-4 Special customized slip ring solid for construction machinery diameter 180mm 4channels

DHS180 is a highly reliable slip ring developed by our company specifically for the use of outdoor construction machinery. This slip ring adopts the most advanced international precious metal multi contact technology, making it characterized by low resistance, low wear, high reliability, and ultra long service life. This product has high protection level, high seismic design, and a wide temperature adaptation range, which can cope with the ever-changing and complex outdoor working environment.


Advantages of customized slip rings in construction machinery

  • Compact size, easy installation, high reliability and long operating time
  • Transmission of fieldbus signals: Profibus, Profinet, CANopen
  • Data transmission via optical fibre
  • up to IP68, suitable for use in dusty and exposed environments
  • noble contact materials, high conductivity, low starting torque
  • shock-resistant design, can also be used with high vibrations
  • extremely temperature resistant