DHK030-18 Special customized high power and high current slip ring hole diameter 30mm18channels

High power and high current slip ring

Maximum customized current 1000A, customized voltage 6000V


The distinctive feature of high power slip rings and high current slip rings is the large power or current they transmit. The voltage of ordinary slip rings is below 380V and the current is below 20A. High-power and high-current conductive slip rings are sometimes required to transmit 500A or even 1000A current. High-voltage slip rings will require a rated voltage above 2000V. High current conductive rings are also often used in large equipment, such as large communication equipment, large machining centers, antenna radar systems, large cranes, mining machinery, large cable reels, etc.

The insulating materials used in the production of high current conductive slip rings or high voltage slip rings must have excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. When designing the mechanical structure, we must consider not only the characteristics of large currents, but also aspects such as electrical insulation, installation and maintenance.



  • Small contact resistance, low frictional heating and long service life
  • Bundle fiber brushing process, gold-to-gold contact
  • Maximum design voltage 6000V
  • Maximum design current 1000A
  • Aluminum alloy shell, easy to install