DHS065-72-1A solid flange automation slip ring diameter 65mm 72channels 1A

DHS065-72-1A Series – Solid Flange Automation Slip Ring

 Automation Slip Ring for high rotational speed and industrial automation.Advanced fibre brush technology for long life and low contact resistance. Combined power and signal transmission possible.Automation slip rings  with rotor and stator flange or without flange. Inside the housing, 2 to 108 rings can be processed for power and signal transmission (Ethernet, USB, RS, CANbus, video signals, sensor signals, etc.).

Ingiant Technology provides a variety of standardized automated slip rings. Optional gold alloy contact, silver alloy beam brush contact, the surface of the metal ring can be treated with military grade treatment, which not only stabilizes the quality but also increases the service life, and is especially suitable for the rotational transmission of weak signals. It can also be designed and manufactured integrated with other types of rotary joints, such as Ethernet, fiber optic rotary joint (FORJ), hydraulic, radio frequency, etc.



  • Suitable for 360° rotation transmission of signals and power, such as control signals, video signals, high-definition signals, Ethernet, sensor signals, etc.
  • Military standard quality, equipped with gold-on-gold contact and beam brushing technology
  • Low torque, low loss, low contact resistance, long life
  • Standardized products available with or without flanges
  • Integrated structural design for easy installation